Truman Linear Bike Path Map

Phase 2A will begin at Lake Mayer Community Park on Sallie Mood Drive and will continue to Jenkins High School on DeRenne Avenue. The trail will connect to the Lake Mayer loop trail and will run north along the east side of Sallie Mood Drive, cross Eisenhower, go under the Truman Parkway, then continue to DeRenne Avenue. Two pedestrian bridges will cross over the Casey Canal. The Truman Parkway Bike Path will connect to the Tide to Town system.

Mile 0.0
Truman Linear Bike Path Start

The southernmost section of the trail begins at Lake Mayer Community Park on Sallie Mood Drive

Mile 0.3
Lake Mayer Park

Pass by Lake Mayer Park and cross over the Casey Canal

Mile 0.9
Turn on Eisenhower Drive

The trails turns right at Eisenhower Drive

Mile 1.1
Harry S Truman Parkway

After riding under the Harry S Truman Parkway, the trail turns left

Mile 1.6
Cross over the Casey Canal

The bike path once again crosses over the Casey Canal

Mile 2.2
Cohen's Retreat

Cohen's Retreat is a great place to stop along the way for lunch or dinner

Mile 3.1
E Derenne Avenue

This section of the trail ends when you reach E Derenne Avenue

Tide to Town Map